Saved from Nonprofit Nightmares

July 19, 2016 0 By

It was a dark and stormy night. Robin lay in bed tossing and turning; unable to sleep. Their budget was tight, and half the invitations to their latest fundraiser had come back return-to-sender. Too many bad addresses to count. They would have to change venues, maybe even negotiate new vendors. Robin kept thinking of all the donations they were counting on. They would likely be much less than planned. This was their big event of the year. It was the culmination of the holiday season when people usually feel generous. But the stress of it all had Robin breaking out into a cold sweat.  

How were they to clean their database of old donor contacts? It went back 15 years. Their staff was small and there was no time to handle the day-to-day business and manage these files. Should they delete the whole list and start over? 

Do you feel like Robin? Working in the nonprofit sector can seem like a waking nightmare of returned mail, duplicate contact data, and missing information that leads to loss of donors and funding for important programs. Budgets are tight. Government grants are constantly shrinking. Donations may not have picked back up after the economic downturn. 

Wake up!

Melissa Data offers solutions to reach prospective donors; like our targeted donor, occupant/resident, and saturation mailing lists. Access a vast consumer database to see people with active community involvement paired to the niche you serve. There are people out there hungry to take up your cause. 

How much mail is returned after a fundraising invitation? What about the community, do you find yourself calling upon local volunteers using numbers that are out of service and emails that are undeliverable? 

You may not have the time or the staff to go through contact data one by one. You need our point-of-entry global address verification solution that clean your donor or alumni database of inaccurate, incomplete, or undeliverable addresses in real-time. It also catches data errors as they occur. Plus, with our change-of-address solutions, when donors move, you can update and verify their address to maintain contact.

End the struggle of endless duplication. Have you ever received three new donors from one family after a single event? There’s no need to send them triplicate documents. With our deduplication solution, every repeated record is eliminated. This cuts down on the cost of printed materials as well as postage.

Push #GivingTuesday harder, broadcast your participation in your community’s local GiveBig event, and find new, loyal philanthropists in your community waiting to meet you. Get our Social Media Append service, Melissa Data’s answer to improved grassroots campaigning via Facebook, Twitter, and eighteen other social networks. With the service, you can enrich your contact data with social contact information from 20 different social networks. So instead of just having a contact’s name, phone, and email address, you can better personalize your outreach efforts by adding social media information to your contact info.

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