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Why Your Business Needs Address Verification

Why Your Business Needs Address Verification

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Address verification is the foundation for business success. 

We hear and say it all the time. But what exactly can having correct, standardized addresses do to help your business? In this post, we’ll take a look at a few different ways address verification can help businesses with ecommerce growth, increase conversions, and improve customer retention. 

For a quick overview, feel free to check out and download our address verification infographic!

It’s estimated that 63% of shopping journeys begin online, and approximately 20% of addresses entered online contain errors such as spelling mistakes, incorrect postal codes or house numbers, and formatting errors. To capture the best information from your customers, having solutions like an address autocomplete service can make sure new customers, as well as returning ones, always receive their packages on time and in the right place. 

An autocomplete service ensures addresses are accurate as soon as the consumer begins typing. It can also help lower cart abandonment, as it speeds up the buying process for the customer. In fact, the average large-sized ecommerce site can gain a 35% increase in conversion rates by improving their check out design.

Clean address data also helps with quicker delivery. Roughly 41% of consumers call fast delivery the most important aspect of their online shopping experience, and 56% of shoppers say that they won’t purchase from the same store again if they were unsatisfied with their shipping experience. At the core of fast, accurate delivery is reliable data. 

Often, retailers rely on default address verification that is built into their platforms, which is not always accurate or intuitive. Having inline validation, which corrects addresses as they are entered, can keep your data clean and reliable. You can then use these verified addresses to help with marketing campaigns and shorten sales cycles. 

It’s estimated that 20-40% of customer records in a marketing campaign are duplicates. This, along with the fact that carriers can charge $10-15 per parcel for address correction, shows that having an address verification solution will lower unnecessary waste and costs. 

Eight benefits of address verification for ecommerce businesses infographic

Melissa’s address verification tools leverage 38 years of address verification expertise, at the point of entry and in batch. Our global service can verify addresses for 240+ countries to ensure only valid billing and shipping addresses enter your system, and are flexible to fit into any business model. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit our website or call 1-800-MELISSA.

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