Top 5 Things Users Love About Melissa

Don’t take our word for it. Users have shared their favorite things about Melissa’s solutions, services and support. Find out what keeps our customers committed to Melissa to meet all of their global data quality and identity verification needs.

  1. Customer Service – Melissa’s leading data experts and technical support are on the line to help customers plan, integrate and maintain any data quality project. Coupled with deep knowledge and easy solutions, Melissa’s support staff can answer any technical issues and assist with deploying our products.

“Solid product backed by great customer service.” – Beth F.

“Very low turnover, which helps build relationships with their [constituents]. They get to know my needs and offer solutions around my target market.” – Verified Current User

“[I] really like my accounts manager… He’s always available even though I’m not a big-ticket customer.” – Jon C.

  1. Excellent Data – Melissa’s up-to-date data is what differentiates us from competitors. With address verification, change of address, and more it’s no surprise our customers love the global address verification tools we provide. That’s our specialty.

“Because we are mapping stores to display our consumers, it is imperative we have clean USPS® data. Their lat/long information is also key.” – Jennifer M.

“We especially appreciate the up to date address information (CASS™ certified) and the real time access to that data.” – Ed B.

“We benefit from easier and accurate fraud detection among hundreds of thousands of transactions.”- Ed B.

“If you need address validation with an easy to use product, Melissa is your friend.” – Steven R.

  1. Efficiency – Fastest, easiest solutions that get the job done – our easy-to-use deployment methods make integration super simple coupled with our Developer Portal to place all data quality all at your fingertips.

 “Melissa provides an easy and seamless experience to validate address information to ensure accuracy.” – Jennifer M.

“We loved the simple and straight-forward integration with our existing order flow.” – Ed B.

 “The Melissa technology works seamlessly with SQL Server Integration Services, and provides another way for my clients to achieve highest data quality information… the technology can support high volume data matching and many reports.” – Mark T.

“The software is easy to learn and extremely powerful. It has improved our processing by making it more complex and faster.” – David M.

“Fast, reliable and consistent.” – Verified Current User

  1. Pricing – Melissa offers scalable pricing depending on your organization’s needs. With either pay-as-you-go Melissa credits or enterprise level prices for higher volume transactions with considerable discounts, Melissa works to beat competitors’ pricing.

“When considering other options, you need to take into account the breadth of data included in the base price. Other solutions may offer similar data, but in an a la carte fashion that ends up costing you more.” Jeff S.

“They produce a solid set of products for a reasonable price.” – Greg O.

“We have been [more] than pleased by their performance and pricing for their products.” – Ed B.

 “One of our projects had over 4 million records going in and several thousand unique ones at the ends. Developing this process on our own would have been cost prohibitive.” – David M.

  1. Reputable – For more than thirty years, Melissa has been a leading provider in global identity verification and data quality solutions. Melissa’s domain experience, patented fuzzy matching and multi-sourced reference datasets power the data quality tools needed to support Know Your Customer initiatives, prevent fraud, reduce costs and improve fulfillment at every point of the data chain.

“I have used Melissa’s services for nearly a decade and have never experienced any downtime issues. What a wonderful professional partner!” – Ed B.  

“I have used their service at several different companies and always get reliable data.” – Verified Current User

“I haven’t had any problems or issues with the product. In all cases when I’ve recommended [Melissa] to my clients, Melissa has been very responsive.” – Steven R.

“Because they are always updating their data. We never have to worry that the info we are working with is correct.” – Chase M.

Read more Melissa reviews at G2Crowd. Visit www.Melissa.com to view or products and services.

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