BusinessCoder Cloud Service and the Marketing Advantage of Firmographics

BusinessCoder Cloud Service and the Marketing Advantage of Firmographics

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By Joseph
Vertido, Data Quality Solutions Manager

In our BusinessCoder
Cloud Service, we’ve compiled and consolidated a multisource, central database
of over 25 million records to provide the most comprehensive source for
retrieving business demographics, known as firmographics. The firmographics
reveal fundamental characteristics about companies and organizations, an
essential element for successful B2B interactions.

BusinessCoder Cloud Service exposes an array of firmographic information


  • Full Address
  • Business Name
  • Phone Number


  • Number of Employees
  • Sales Volume


  • SIC Codes and Descriptions
  • NAICS Codes and Descriptions

Location Information

  • Location Type (Headquarters,
    Branch, etc.)
  • Business or Residential Address

Geo Information

  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Census and County

Other Information

  • Web Address
  • Stock Ticker


In essence,
firmographics are to businesses what demographics are to consumers. Gaining
insight through firmographics allows you to achieve marketing segmentation as
well as targeted marketing. Although many still practice mass/generalized
marketing strategies, these efforts may prove less cost effective.

By leveraging
firmographics, we gain knowledge of a business’ profile such as size, location,
industry, and company value. This ultimately allows us to categorize and
optimize marketing strategies for each one. Such is the nature of marketing
segmentation. For example, a commonly used criterion for categorization would
be a business’ size. Tailoring marketing efforts based on the size or value of
a business allows for a more optimized approach that caters specifically to the
needs of each prospect.

Firmographics also
helps find high value prospects for a targeted marketing approach. For example,
through the SIC and NAICS codes, we can determine businesses categorized as
healthcare, banking, software, or any other industry that is of most interest
for targeted marketing.

Another issue that
Melissa’s BusinessCoder Cloud Service addresses is loss of opportunity
from outdated contact information. The service is driven by high quality data,
in order to provide you with updated business contact information.

As we gain more
insight on our business prospects, we also open the door to improved strategic
marketing opportunities which will be more receptive to B2B prospects. Empower
your data and take advantage of firmographics. Move away from a generalized
marketing approach to a more strategic approach like marketing segmentation and
targeted marketing.

Retrieving Data

The search function of
the BusinessCoder Cloud Service in itself is quite unique. The service allows
for querying data using any of the following information:

  • Address and Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Web Address
  • Stock Ticker

For example, by simply
entering just a business’ phone number, you can retrieve all other information
including the address, stock ticker, web address, SIC/NAIS codes, employee
size, etc. This kind of flexibility allows for different ways to access to all the
information on business firmographics.

Take advantage of
Melissa’s latest product, the BusinessCoder Cloud Service. Enrich your B2B
data with firmographics. Improve marketing strategies and your overall ROI by
increasing your prospects receptiveness.

If you’d like more
information on BusinessCoder or would like to demo the API, visit the following
link: https://www.melissa.com/firmographic-data

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