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The Generation of the mobile phone

The Generation of the mobile phone

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Mobile phone sales have been increasing year in and year out and the number of mobile users is expected to surpass five billion by 2019. It was estimated that approximately 63% of the world population owned a mobile phone in 2016 and this number is due to increase to 67% in 2019.

This growth in mobile phone ownership demonstrates the need for organisations to optimise the customer’s mobile experience. A user’s mobile experience is linked to their customer experience and if firms are not able to optimise their mobile experiences, they could be subject to lower conversion rates and diminishing returns leading to a negative customer experience. But how do firms optimise their mobile experience beyond the development of an app or a website redesign?

Verify, cleanse and monitor data

The mobile experience plays a strong role in the customer experience and inaccurate data contributes to a negative customer experience – this is due to human error which creates data errors. By investing in data quality tools that will verify, cleanse and monitor your data, your organisation will be able to prevent and reduce human error. These tools can work in real-time or be used in batch processing which will help organisations prevent inaccurate data from entering their systems and reduce errors in data that is already in the system.

The tools can also be used to analyse data helping firms to properly manage their data – data provides customer insight and when properly managed will help to inform business decisions, drive business performance and aid business growth.

Prevent duplicate data by using auto-complete forms

When thinking about the mobile experience or how seamless and convenient a website or app is, what comes to mind is the number of keystrokes needed to enter information. Using a verification tool can help to validate information as it is entered removing the potential of duplicate entry and so creates a more seamless mobile experience.

The experience could be further upgraded by using auto-complete forms such as address autocomplete whereby the system will suggest potential addresses based on the entry of a few characters. This will not only reduce keystrokes but also reduce potential human error.

You can learn more about What is Address Autocomplete here.

Data matching

Accurate data is linked to having the correct contact data for all clients but also being able to match data to a single client. By linking data from across different systems and assigning it to a single record, firms are able to build a strong foundation of good quality data which can be used to personalise the mobile experience. Data matching prevents duplicate entries from the same individual but also helps to enrich data which will help to strengthen the quality of databases.

Having a single customer view allows for firms to personalise experiences which enhances the customer experience but also informs key business decisions such as discounts and offers.

You can learn more about What is Data Deduplication here.

From here, we can see that data quality plays a key role in the mobile experience and it allows organisations to upgrade this experience for users as well as tailor it to individual users. As mobile ownership continues to grow, optimising the experience is important for the customer experience as well as the success of an organisation.

Melissa offers a whole range of data quality and data cleansing solutions that can be tailored to your business needs. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you, please get in contact at info.uk@melissa.com and we’ll be happy to schedule a demo as well as a free trial.

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