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Major shipping & fulfilment merchant to make Eircode a mandatory requirement for deliveries within the republic of Ireland starting July 2023

Prior to the introduction of Eircode in 2015, Ireland was one of the few developed nations without a nationwide postal code system. Given that more than 35% of Irish addresses were shared with at least one other property, locating, and identifying addresses both online and offline presented a significant challenge.

Postal workers were required to maintain a manual record of family names and property addresses in small towns and townlands in order to facilitate successful deliveries. This local knowledge is difficult for larger courier services to replicate.

The Central Statistics Office reports that over 80% of Irish residents make online purchases, resulting in a surge in deliveries. The absence of Eircode, which provides precise location information, makes sending and receiving orders extremely problematic, creating obstacles for both businesses and consumers.

A major shipping & courier merchant who is undisclosed has mandated the use of Eircode for all shipments entering the Republic of Ireland from 2 July 2023. It is probable that other courier services will follow suit in an effort to enhance first-time delivery rates.

How does Eircode Work?

Eircode is made up of two parts: a routing key and a unique identifier.

Routing Key

Unique Identifier

Defines a main town’s span of delivery

Completely unique to one address




The delivery area or routing key is specified by a three-character routing key in the Eircode system. Meanwhile, a four-character unique identifier distinguishes one address from another and is specific to that address.

Although similar in appearance to the UK's Royal Mail postcode system, the Eircode system has a different format. Unlike other countries where postcodes are used to identify a group of addresses in a specific area, Eircodes are used to identify a single address. Each residential and business address in Ireland has its own unique Eircode identifier, resulting in over 2.2 million distinct Eircodes.

Eircode for eCommerce

Eircode offers manifold advantages for the community, enterprises, and governmental agencies. As DHL Express has made Eircode information mandatory, it is imperative for online shopping portals to amass and authenticate Eircode details to guarantee that their chosen courier services will take the shipments without imposing supplementary address amendment fees.

Some of the primary benefits are:

  • Minimises cart abandonment with automatic address filling.
  • Accelerates, precise, and uniform address acquisition and authentication.
  • Enhances the rate of successful initial deliveries.

Choosing the right Eircode product for your business

Eircode is available in two data product options, the first option being ECAF (Eircode Address File) which is the base reference for all address points containing 2.2 million data points with Eircode’s and USP Postal addresses.

ECAD (Eircode Address Database) which is a more incentive option includes ECAF and also adds datasets for reach premises like latitude and longitude geocoordinates, alias address information, and building and boundary data.

 Why Choose Eircode Address Database (ECAD)?

The Eircode Address Database (ECAD) offers several benefits over the standard option ECAF which makes it a valuable choice for addressing and postal services in Ireland. Here are some reasons why one might choose ECAD:

  1. Unique Identifier: ECAD assigns a unique code, known as an Eircode, to each address in Ireland. This code consists of a seven-character alphanumeric sequence, providing a precise location reference. It helps eliminate confusion and ensures accurate delivery of mail, goods, and services.

  2. Improved Address Accuracy: ECAD enhances address accuracy by providing a standardized and consistent format for addresses across the country. It reduces errors caused by misspellings, incorrect postal district allocation, or incomplete address information. This leads to more efficient and reliable postal operations.

  3. Efficient Delivery and Routing: Eircode addresses enable efficient routing and delivery of mail and packages. Postal workers and delivery services can easily identify the exact location of an address, optimizing their routes and minimising delivery times. It benefits businesses by ensuring timely and accurate deliveries to customers.

  4. Integrated Geolocation Data: ECAD integrates geolocation data, such as longitude and latitude coordinates, with each address. This enables precise mapping and location-based services, making it easier for individuals, businesses, and emergency services to navigate and find specific addresses.

  5. Accessibility and Integration: ECAD provides a user-friendly web-based interface and application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow easy integration with various systems and applications. This accessibility facilitates the adoption of Eircode addresses across different platforms, including e-commerce, logistics, and mapping applications.

  6. Support for Rural Areas: ECAD helps address the unique challenges of rural areas by providing accurate and consistent addressing. It allows for improved mail and service delivery to remote locations, contributing to increased connectivity and access to essential services in rural communities.

  7. Enhanced Data Analytics: The Eircode Address Database offers valuable data for analysis and decision-making. It provides insights into population distribution, demographics, and consumer behaviour, enabling businesses and government agencies to make informed strategic decisions and plan resource allocation effectively.

Overall, the Eircode Address Database (ECAD) offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for accurate addressing and efficient postal services in Ireland. It improves delivery, enhances accessibility, and provides valuable data for various applications, benefiting individuals, businesses, and service providers alike.

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