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Upcoming Changes to DMM®, Section 602, Addressing

Effective October 1, 2022, the Postal Service will update the addressing standards in Section 602 of the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)®. For further information, please see the Federal Register Notice published on July 7, 2021 and Postal Bulletin 22603 which was published on July 28, 2022. Here is a summary of the upcoming changes to DMM®, Section 602, Addressing:

What is the Effective Date?

October 1, 2022

What are concerns of low-volume Mailers?

This might create a cost increase for lower volume mailers that currently process their lists quarterly and would be required to process more frequently, increasing the cost paid to mail service providers that offer the address matching services.

What does this new update release schedule provide?

– 120 days of use to generate discounted mailings

– Overlap in dates for product use.

What are the benefits of this update?

– Reduce risk of using Address information that is Not Current.

What mailings must meet the ZIP Code Accuracy Standard requirements?

– First Class Mail

– Nonbarcoded Presorted Periodicals

– USPS Marketing Mail

– Parcel Select Lightweight

– Bound Printed Matter Presorted & Carrier Route Prices

What mailings do NOT have to meet the ZIP Code Accuracy Standard requirements?

– Mail bearing simplified addresses.

“The simplified address format (“Postal Customer” or one of the optional formats in 3.2.1a1 through 3.2.1a3) must be used on mail when complete distribution is made to each family (household residence) or boxholder on a rural or highway contract route, and to Post Office boxes in offices without city carrier service. “

What are the revisions to DMM 6.1 ZIP Code Accuracy – Basic Standards?

a. “Each Address and associated 5-digit ZIP Code on the mail pieces in a mailing must be verified and corrected within 6 months before the mailing date with one of the USPS-approved methods in 6.2.”

b. “If an address used on a mail piece in a mailing at one class of mail and price is verified and corrected with an approved method, [then] the same address may be used during the following 6 months to meet the ZIP Code accuracy standard required for mailing at any other class of mail and price.”

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