Introducing: Personator Search

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Search is one of the new web services by Melissa Global Intelligence in which
users will be able to enter one piece of contact information, and return all
data around it. 

Essentially, as a multi-return Personator
service, a user can, for example, enter a first name and a state, and all
individuals by that name in that state will be returned. The service itself
will return in a JSON or XML format, specified by the user, and can return a
maximum of 500 records – which includes things such as name, address, phone,
email, and previous addresses – within a single request.


user can also specify a certain amount of requests to be returned at a time in
order to fit their needs.


highly-requested feature that was not available in Personator that will be
available in Personator Search is the ability to return every individual living
in a single address with a valid address as the input. Likewise, this also
works for phone numbers, emails, names, as well as our own MelissaAddressKey


web service will also be able to return previous addresses that the requested
contact has lived at. Essentially, Personator Search will be able to fill a lot
of holes in different use cases that solely Personator and other Melissa web
services were not able to fill by themselves.


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