How to Get Complete Control Over Your Data Stewardship Processes

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Matchbook is a SaaS solution that provides accurate and
complete control over your data stewardship processes.

With a fully functional user dashboard, Matchbook
enables data stewards to:

View queue statistics to see how much data has been processed
and the status of their matches.

See at-a-glance how many of the processed company
records were low confidence or had no matches at all and then compare
that to low confidence match patterns. 

View process completions, API usage to date, and
the number of matches by confidence code.

Monitor and update data.


n  Integration
and ETL with Matchbook Services

With Matchbook Services, you can import and export with a
variety of sources with no technical development. However, you can also
integrate Matchbook Services directly into your architecture for faster
matching, enriching, and monitoring functionality. The Matchbook Services Suite
manages ETL processes and integration work, so you can get back to reaping the
benefits of perfectly mastered data.


You Need Data Management Expertise….

We offer a range of services for data stewards and IT teams:


– Companies that master business intelligence understand
that effective Information Management solutions can generate significant cost
savings, but the real value can come in improved decision making. Matchbook
Services brings unparalleled expertise to your team by demonstrating excellence
in architecture, design, reporting, and collaboration.


Data Management – A comprehensive data management strategy that includes capabilities in profiling, cleansing,
mastering, and monitoring your data. To improve data quality, Matchbook
Services focuses on clear metadata and data governance strategies by providing
ongoing attention and enforcement of procedural standards.


Data Deployment
– Identify a single version of truth in your data. Matchbook
Services provides the highest level of MDM technical expertise when developing
and deploying your MDM strategies. We also support credible and consistent data
through data quality, data enrichment, and ETL processes.


– In addition to focusing on cost reduction, leading
companies treat information as a strategic asset – and plan accordingly. Backed
by a clear vision and strong executive sponsorship, Matchbook Services helps
clients use their valuable data resources through effective use of the right

With comprehensive and easily deployable data steward
functionality, Matchbook Services gives you the tools to unlock the true value
of your data. Put your data to work with the Matchbook Services Suite.