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OpenStreetMaps vs Premium Addresses |

OpenStreetMaps is a popular and well-known open source repository for address and GIS data. It may be tempting to want to use this free data to solve your business problems. In many cases, this data may be perfect for what you need; however, there are also many scenarios where a premium paid for a data set is required or preferred.

Join us as we focus on address-level data and geocoding and take a high level look at both data sets to explore the advantages and disadvantages of both options. We will also take a deeper dive into specific use cases, including:

  • A look at how the City of Burbank uses Premium address data to improve city services
  • How a governmental agency like a county might use open source or premium address data
  • Other possible business uses of both the open source and premium data sets that can cross industries from insurance, health care, to e-commerce

Register for the webinar “Explore When to Use OpenStreetMaps vs Premium Address Data” today and join Admound Chou, VP Product Development for Melissa Data, on Wednesday, September 23rd 11:00am – 11:20am (PST).

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