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Washington University Increases Revenue Ten-Fold with Melissa

The headline is true – the University of Washington increased its fundraising revenue ten-fold after implementing Melissa’s solutions. This resulted in a staggering $2.7 billion win in campaign revenue.

Read the entire case study to see what the University has to say about their experience with Melissa and what exactly it was that led to such a jump in revenue.

The primary solution of choice – Melissa’s Data Quality Suite – an all-in-one People Data verification tool. It parses and verifies customers’ contact information (address, name, phone and email) to ensure databases are reliable and organizations are able to reach the right people at the right time. Verified data from reliable tools have extensive benefits. From saving on waste associated with undeliverable mail, to leading to better business decisions – the goal with global data quality is always to achieve data-driven success.

The University realized a multitude of benefits in verified data – which ultimately led to their great success post-integration. Read the full story of how the University leveraged Melissa’s Data Quality Suite for insightful analytics and what other solutions helped to significantly improve their fundraising campaigns.

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