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The Benefits of Data Verification & Enrichment with Personator

The Benefits of Data Verification & Enrichment with Personator

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When customer data enters your system, how can you be sure it’s accurate and up to date? Unless your business has a process in place to manage customer data intake, that data is likely to be full of errors, such as wrong house numbers and postal codes. Like a domino effect, those mistakes in the beginning can cause all kinds of problems down the line – such as failed deliveries and poor decision making. Here are just a few benefits of using a data verification and enrichment solution, and how high-quality data can be achieved at the start with Melissa Identity Verification.

  1. Keep bad data from entering your systems: Verify customer and business data to ensure your records remain accurate, current and complete.
  1. Streamline onboarding & combat fraud: Cross-check personal data against multiple international data sources in real time and mitigate risk when onboarding new clients by satisfying all KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.
  1. Gain a complete customer view: Add demographic data for better lead scoring, greater insight and more informed business decisions. 

The Solution: Personator Consumer & Personator Identity 

Personator Consumer

Personator Consumer (US/CAN) Service matches names, addresses, phones, and emails and returns a list of the closest matches according to the specified inputs. This all-in-one contact checking, verification, move update, and enrichment web service performs the following primary functions: Check, Verify, Move, and Append. It allows you to pass in names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, simultaneously parsing them, checking them for correctness, making conservative or aggressive corrections, getting the latest address, and even appending data. The four functions are described as followed:


Pass in a name, address, phone number, and email address as one record. A record does not need to include all those inputs; any combination (or even just one) is sufficient to constitute a record and be checked. The Check action allows:

  • Passing in a series of records, finding invalid addresses, phone numbers, or emails.
  • Correcting errors within the data.
  • Appending additional data to the records.
  • Parsing out specific types of data from the input.


The Verify action finds correlations between different contact data elements by comparing diverse groups of data to the centric group or contact data type defined by the user. It verifies the record, letting you know if each group coincides with the centric piece of data in the Melissa Data Knowledge Base. You can define fields like address, phone number, or email as the centric data against which the other groups of data are compared. Auto-detection of the centric data is also available.


The Move action allows you to update your U.S. contact records with data returned by the Personator Web Service. The service allows for retrieving the most current address of a person or business. For example, if an old address is entered for a particular individual, Personator will return the latest address for that person, giving you the freshest and most up-to-date contact information.


The Append action allows you to enrich your US contact records with data returned by the Personator Web Service. The service will return elements based on the selected point of centricity, which can either be the address, email, or phone.

Personator Identity

Personator Identity is a real-time solution that can handle international customer data (view country coverage here), verifying customers’ details such as contact information, addresses, and other useful properties. Personator Identity is a high-value service that can validate and cross-check personal data against multiple international data sources in real time. With Personator Identity, you can:

Verify individuals in real time using the following matching options:

  • Match against two sources using eIDV configurations for both sources
  • Screen individuals against national watchlists
  • Identify potential fraud by matching a name to an address to validate identity

Additional Capabilities include:

  • Verify, correct, and standardize names, addresses, emails, and phones in real time
  • Append latitude and longitude
  • Return address as parsed components
  • Return address in mailing label format according to the standards of each country
  • Append additional information like unique identifier, delivery indicator, and more depending on the country

Personator Identity can match against numerous source types, including Government, Credit, Utilities, Postal, Telco, Consumer, and Commercial. 

Which Identity Verification solution is right for you? 

These core benefits are available via dedicated API endpoints subject to licensed usage. For questions or more info on Melissa Identity Verification, you can request a demo or connect with members of Melissa’s global intelligence team at or by calling 1-800-MELISSA.

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