NAPCO Report Points to Unique Customer Identification as Key to Personalized Marketing

NAPCO Report Points to Unique Customer Identification as Key to Personalized Marketing

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Highlights Melissa’s Seamless Approach to Perfecting Customer Data, Boosting its Value Across Channels and Devices

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – February 5, 2020 – Melissa, a leading provider of global address, name, email, phone, and identity verification solutions, today announced availability of “Best Practices in Personalized Marketing: Single Customer Identification,” a new report commissioned by Melissa and produced by NAPCO Research. The paper explores the challenges in connecting with customers via personalized campaigns, something that has become increasingly difficult for marketers worldwide as their audiences interact with brands on a spectrum of channels and devices. Data challenges were cited as a common obstacle, with factors such as integration, management, security, and investment hampering the marketer’s ability to construct single customer identities around customer interests, preferences, and history.

“Too many brands all over the world are sitting on vast amounts of customer data but unable to leverage it for marketing purposes,” said Greg Brown, Vice President, Global Marketing, Melissa. “Single customer identification enables marketers to target and personalize content for the right audience, track the customer journey, convert customers more effectively, and determine the ROI of marketing efforts with greater precision. Until marketers can tell who their customers are―on a deeper level—they are going to be stymied in targeting and tailoring their interactions to each customer.”

NAPCO’s researchers surveyed readers of Target Marketing (NAPCO is the parent company of Target Marketing). Survey questions examined the importance of personalization, the difficulties in achieving meaningful personalization, and the role of third-party data quality and aggregation. While 77 percent of respondents indicated personalization was “very important,” only 52 percent stated they are “very confident” that their data is accurate and organized in a manner to effectively leverage their single customer identities. These survey results reinforce Melissa’s end-to-end approach to constructing single customer identities, seamlessly capitalizing on the flood of customer data from all digital touchpoints as well as off-line points of contact.

In support of the NAPCO personalization study, Melissa has also made available, “Solving the Identity Enrichment Puzzle,” a personalization guidebook for marketers. Developed for Melissa’s worldwide customer base, this free, downloadable ebook highlights three real-world methods to identify and eliminate the knowledge gap that exists between marketers and ultra-personalized, customer-centric messaging.

To connect with members of Melissa’s global intelligence team for support and solutions, visit https://www.melissa.com or call 1-800-MELISSA.

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Since 1985, Melissa has specialized in global intelligence solutions to help organizations unlock accurate data for a more compelling customer view. More than 10,000 clients worldwide in arenas such as retail, education, healthcare, insurance, finance, and government, rely on Melissa for full spectrum data quality and ID verification software, including data matching, validation, and enhancement services to gain critical insight and drive meaningful customer relationships. Melissa supports its global clientele with sales and service from key locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and India. For more information or free product trials, visit https://www.melissa.com/ or call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772).


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