Melissa Offers First Responders Free Address Accuracy Services to Speed COVID-19 Response Efforts

Melissa Offers First Responders Free Address Accuracy Services to Speed COVID-19 Response Efforts

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Address Verification Tools Enable Emergency Services to Pinpoint Location for Delivery of Vital Frontline Care and Swift Transport for Treatment

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – April 22, 2020 – Melissa, a leading provider of global address, name, email, phone, and identity verification solutions, today announced its offer of data enhancement solutions free of charge to qualifying emergency first response providers across North America. This limited-time offer is valid for six months (up to 100K records per month) to qualifying organizations working to support communities during the COVID-19 pandemic through the provision of paramedic, EMT, police, firefighter, and similar critical resources. Click here to submit your application for consideration.

“To first responders, every second counts. Quickly getting to the person who needs help requires address accuracy from the moment of dispatch,” said Bud Walker, VP Enterprise Sales & Strategy, Melissa. “Melissa’s complete, real-time database of residential and business addresses gives emergency crews the data they need to quickly identify and confirm an address to ensure assistance reaches the correct location immediately.”

Emergency services that rely solely on simple mapping technologies for address data are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to meeting their mandate to protect and care for those who call on them for assistance. For example, mapping technologies such as Google Maps do not feature parsing, standardization and verification of address capabilities. Users do not have access to important features such as LACSLink, or the ‘Locatable Address Conversion System,’ which identifies rural route, highway route, and box number addresses that have been converted to city-style addresses as part of 911 system implementation – critical in reducing response time in emergencies. Data is not verified against authoritative reference data from the USPS or Canada Post, and is often geocoded incorrectly and missing essential information like suites or apartment numbers. The user is provided only an estimation of where an address is on a map, with no assurance the address is real or formatted correctly.

In contrast, a USPS CASS Certified Address Engine powers all of Melissa’s address correction tools and identity verification capabilities. The company’s solutions manage address verification at the point of data entry, rooftop location mapping for ideal arrival points, real-time analysis of lat/long coordinates to minimize drive time, and much more. Click here for greater insight on Melissa’s services optimized for firms delivering on demand, and to file your application for free support.

To connect with members of Melissa’s data enhancement services team for additional information, support and solutions, visit  https://www.melissa.comor call 1-800-MELISSA.

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Since 1985, Melissa has specialized in global intelligence solutions to help organizations unlock accurate data for a more compelling customer view. More than 10,000 clients worldwide in arenas such as retail, education, healthcare, insurance, finance, and government, rely on Melissa for full spectrum data quality and ID verification software, including data matching, validation, and enhancement services to gain critical insight and drive meaningful customer relationships. For more information or free product trials, visit www.Melissa.com or call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772).

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