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Melissa Features KYC Tools, Services, Partnerships at #Money2020Europe

Melissa Features KYC Tools, Services, Partnerships at #Money2020Europe

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Demos Highlight Strategies for 360 Degree Customer View to Prevent Fraud and Drive Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives

Melissa, a leading provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions, today announced its comprehensive global intelligence solutions integrate seamlessly into banking operations, enabling a 360 degree view of the customer in real-time. Melissa will feature its tools and services for identity resolution, Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiatives at Money 20/20 Europe, Booth H31, at The Rai in Amsterdam, June 4-6, 2018.

  • Melissa’s data quality and identity assurance technologies power trusted relationships, entity resolution, and compliance in areas of KYC, AML, fraud prevention, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), as well as Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations.
  • Melissa will preview its strategic partnership with Scanovate, sharing insight on data quality pre-integrated in Scanovate’s mobile identity management platform.
  • Melissa will feature KYC for the evolving world of crypto applications. Driven by G20’s demand for recommended cryptocurrency regulations, exchanges must embrace technologies that meet legal requirements for data collection.
  • Melissa is ranked as a mid-sized identity verification provider with international markets coverage in Forrester’s Q1-2018 Now Tech report on Identity Verification.

Click here to confirm an onsite technology briefing, or visit Melissa’s booth during regular show hours. Visitors will gain insight on creating new efficiencies, reducing costs, and guarding against fraud and money laundering activities, while maintaining an excellent user experience in operations such as on-boarding and customer service. This includes processes such as building flexible, automated credit-checking and anti-fraud workflows that integrate name and address verification; age and national ID verification; address correction, standardization, and formatting; and full contact data validation.

About Melissa

Melissa delivers flexible, real-time technology solutions for identity verification and entity resolution in the card not present space. Since 1985, more than 10,000 global customers including banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and payment providers have relied on Melissa to verify an individual’s identity, and maintain clean, up-to-date and enriched data assets to deliver outstanding customer experience while minimizing risk and fraud. For more information or free product trials, visit or call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772).

 About Scanovate

Scanovate, the world’s leading Identity Management Company, provides a comprehensive management platform for financial institutions. The Platform ensures the ability to manage the identity regulation based activity of any financial institution. Scanovate uses its proprietary Dynamic Imaging Platform and Facial recognition technology to perform onboarding and KYC from the front-end while delivering a back-end platform to manage the compliance and risk activity in an all-encompassing end to end solution. These abilities tremendously reduce the risk of the service provider while keeping customer satisfaction at a high. The unique combination of a robust front-end open platform combined with a comprehensive Back-end platform that actively monitors and manages the compliance activity makes Scanovate the best technology for financial institutions. Scanovate changes the way financial institutions deal with dropping conversion rates, the everlasting regulatory demands and yields friction-less solutions tailored made for banks that ensures their full transformation to the digital era.

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