Melissa Celebrates 35 Years in Enterprise Data Quality

Melissa Celebrates 35 Years in Enterprise Data Quality

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Unsurpassed Domain Knowledge and Technology Expertise Fuel Global Role in Improving Data for Analytics, CRM, Commerce, and Compliance

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – January 8, 2020Melissa, a leading provider of global address, name, email, phone, and identity verification solutions, is celebrating its 35th anniversary with renewed commitment to continued growth and enterprise data quality leadership. The company’s longevity can be attributed to decades of address expertise and deep domain knowledge that builds the foundation for global intelligence – everything from demographic, business, location and identity data. It is this foundation that empowers risk management, data-driven engagement, analytics, insight, and compliance.

“This significant milestone demonstrates how Melissa products and solutions meet the rising data intelligence mandates throughout the world,” said Ray Melissa, president and founder, Melissa. “We’ve been around for decades because we understand the needs of the marketplace and we take action. We invest in developing smart data quality solutions that give enterprises a comprehensive competitive edge.”

Addressing the most pressing data issues facing global businesses, the company has made available the 2020 Melissa Solutions Catalog, free to download as an updated resource on the importance of good data, along with tips and guidance for professionals at every step of the data chain. This handy guide includes insight on how to address the full spectrum of data quality from point-of-entry ID verification to deduping, as well as real-world cautions against the pitfalls of bad data and its negative impact to any business.

Melissa’s worldwide footprint supports a global clientele with sales and service from key locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and India. To connect with members of Melissa’s global intelligence team for support and solutions, visit www.melissa.com or call 1-800-MELISSA.

About Melissa
Since 1985, Melissa has specialized in global intelligence solutions to help organizations unlock accurate data for a more compelling customer view. More than 10,000 clients worldwide in arenas such as retail, education, healthcare, insurance, finance, and government, rely on Melissa for full spectrum data quality and ID verification software, including data matching, validation, and enhancement services to gain critical insight and drive meaningful customer relationships. For more information or free product trials, visit www.Melissa.com or call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772).

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