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New Enhancements to Global Phone Cloud Service

By Allison Moon, Global Phone Channel Manager

For most businesses, it’s important for you to keep contact with clients, which means ensuring that the correct contact information is always available. Using Melissa’s Global Phone Cloud Service, you can check on phone number validity, activity status, and also distinguish between landlines, cell phones, append geographical information, access real-time lookups, and more.

Integrating and uplifting your business with the Melissa Global Phone Cloud Service provides multiple capabilities. By using the service, you can sift out landlines and mobile numbers and execute custom communication techniques to each type. For example, if a number is detected to be a cell phone, then SMS messages can be sent to alert them of credit limits or send messages about arriving packages.

Service Level Capabilities

The Global Phone Cloud Service has two levels of capabilities that cater to different users. Our Express level is the default and primary step to phone validation. With this level, you’ll be able to access our line-range data as well as our database of known phone numbers. This determines validity, phone type, carrier information, and appends geographical information (e.g. predominant language spoken in the area, general latitude/longitude points, city name, etc.). Premium level users will get all the capabilities of the Express level, as well as access to real-time lookups for more accurate phone type and active number detection.

Another major capability of the new service is our Suggestion feature. Suggestions are now returned for numbers that were undetermined on input. If a single request is sent, and we are unable to validate it with the data set on input, the response will include an array of possible countries where the number exists. This can be useful in determining alternatives to the inputted data and help you narrow the search to your point of contact.

Version: “”,
TransmissionReference: “”,
TransmissionResults: “”,
Records: [
RecordID: “1”,
Results: “PE04”,
PhoneNumber: “”,
AdministrativeArea: “”,
CountryAbbreviation: “”,
CountryName: “”,
Carrier: “”,
DST: “”,
Language: “”,
Latitude: “”,
Locality: “”,
Longitude: “”,
PhoneInternationalPrefix: “”,
PhoneCountryDialingCode: “”,
PhoneNationPrefix: “”,
PhoneNationalDestinationCode: “”,
PhoneSubscriberNumber: “”,
UTC: “”,
Suggestions: [
RecordID: 1
Results: PS01,PS08,PS20
PhoneNumber: 94941135624
CountryAbbreviation: LU
CountryName: Luxembourg
Carrier: Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications
Language: French
Latitude: 49.60000000
Longitude: 6.15000000
PhoneCountryDialingCode: 352
PhoneNationalDestinationCode: 949
PhoneSubscriberNumber: 41135624
UTC: +01:00
RecordID: 2
Results: PS01,PS08,PS20
PhoneNumber: 94941135624
AdministrativeArea: Uusimaa Helsinki
CountryAbbreviation: FI
CountryName: Finland
Carrier: Elisa Oyj
Language: Finnish
Latitude: 60.169812
Longitude: 24.93824
PhoneCountryDialingCode: 358
PhoneNationPrefix: 0
PhoneNationalDestinationCode: 9
PhoneSubscriberNumber: 4941135624
UTC: +02:00

The Best Way to Stay in Touch

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