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“Caring about Data Quality with Global-Z” Webinar Recap

We're excited to share a recap of our recent webinar “Caring about Data Quality with Global-Z”, where Dimitri Garder sat down to discuss Global-Z’s offerings and services, including case studies that demonstrate the value of their solutions.

Overview of Global-Z’s Services

Global-Z is a leader in data quality with over 35 years of expertise and was acquired by Melissa a year ago. Located in the Northeast US and supported by global data centers, Global-Z offers a range of solutions designed to ensure your contact data is accurate, complete, and actionable, with a focus on global data.

Key Services Highlighted

Global-Z offers two different services: Bureau Services and Accu360™.

Bureau Services is a high-touch concierge service that offers a hands-on approach to data quality, providing personalized service and support to cleanse, validate and enhance your database efficiently. A data quality assessment is done to evaluate the quality of your data, identifying areas that need improvement, and then Global-Z bulk cleanses the data based on your organization’s needs. This is ideal for organizations with large volumes of data and can be done as a one-off cleansing or to help support ongoing marketing efforts.

Accu360™ is a real-time cleanse, match and merge service that allows for continuous data quality maintenance, ensuring your database is always up-to-date and accurate. You will gain a comprehensive view of each customer. Plus, it is a native Salesforce integration, so it will integrate seamlessly to enhance your CRM capabilities.

Case Study Highlights

We shared several case studies demonstrating the impact of Global-Z’s services:

Luxury Retail Brand – Bureau Services

A large luxury retail brand needed to understand the true number of unique customers and identify their most valuable ones.

Global-Z approached this in two phases: 1) cleanse and match the data and 2) analyze and develop rules to improve data further using their expert team.

This process identified 6 million duplicates, recovered 1.5 million addresses, and resulted in 9 million unique contactable customers. This also highlighted significant cross-brand interactions, something the luxury brand did not know.

Accu360 Implementation

The typical use case for organizations using Accu360 is creating a unified view of a customer—often, there is a fragmented view because of customer interactions across various systems that an organization is unaware of, which negatively impacts the customer experience.

Accu360 does real-time cleansing, matching and merging, which creates a golden record for each customer to ensure that one unified, 360° view of each customer. This leads to enhanced customer insights, improved customer experiences, and streamlined operations.

Benefits of Global-Z and Melissa Solutions

Combining Global-Z’s detailed and expert-driven data services with Melissa’s robust data quality tools offers unparalleled advantages:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: By continuously cleansing and updating your data, you can ensure that you’re working with the most accurate information.
  • Improved Customer Insights: Enhanced data accuracy leads to better customer insights, allowing for more targeted marketing and improved customer relationships.
  • Streamlined Data Management: Integration capabilities, like those with Salesforce, ensure data consistency and reliability across platforms.
  • Personalized Support: Global-Z’s concierge service provides expert guidance and support, ensuring your data quality initiatives are successful.

We hope this recap gives you a clear understanding of how Global-Z and Melissa services can elevate your organization's contact data quality. If you'd like to watch the complete webinar, click here

If you have any further questions or need additional information about Global-Z, please reach out to Dimitri Garder at or Ted Haas at Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for everything related to data quality!

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