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5 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with Lookups (Property Edition)

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Cheers to my fellow explorers, hungry minds and researchers of today. We, the vast majority, used a search engine 3-4 times each day in 2019 and Google processed a whopping 70,000 searches every second. At Melissa, we are inspired by the lightning-fast, ease-of-use that is central to these search engines – so, we built our Lookups to work just like them.

Melissa’s Lookups provide a wealth of information available right at your fingertips. With over 40 different engines, you can confirm an email address, check on your home’s market value, or find info about any business in the nation – a multitude of use-cases ripe for exploring. Today, we shine a spotlight on our Property Information Lookup – a super easy way to get information about any U.S. property of interest. Here are the top 5 reasons you have to give Property Information Lookup a try today!


1. Search & Ye Shall Find

With our Lookups, you don’t need to know all the data – after all, that’s the reason they were created. All you need to do is simply enter the information that you know and we will fill in the rest. With our Property Information Lookup, enter a street address with either a city and state or a ZIP Code and we will return an encyclopedia of information about that particular property.


2. A Fib-Less Property Profile

Once you search a property of interest, you can explore an array of details about the property itself. This includes the square footage of the building, the land acreage, the area of each floor (if it’s a multi-story building) and even the area of the parking garage. You also gain insight to building details like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms on the property as well as the year the building was built.


3. Owning the Details

Just as important as the property itself are those who own it! The Property Information Lookup will return owner information including contact information like their name and address of residence. If the owner owns any other properties, it will also provide a link to the list of properties that owner owns.


4. Take a Peek Down Memory Lane

Take a look into the mortgage amount, estimated market value, assessed land value and tax bill amount. With a Melissa account, you even get exclusive access to deed history so you can open up a comprehensive transaction list including previous owners, sales amounts, sales dates and more.


5. Breadth & Depth is Unmatched

Our Lookups, just like any of our other products, are backed by our 35+ years in deep domain expertise in address management and multi-sourced reference datasets. Our extensive knowledgebase is constantly in a state of growth and maintenance to provide you with unmatched data verification, enrichment and hygiene.


For all the Looky-Loos – Take a Look at More Lookups

Interested in searching a ton more information? Explore our 40+ other Lookups to search a wealth of data. Sign up for a Melissa account for exclusive access to certain data elements and get 1,000 free credits each month!

Let us know how YOU use the Property Lookup for the chance to win an additional 1,000 credits! Send an email to editor@melissa.com describing how you use the Property Information Lookup and you’ll be entered to win.

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