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4 Elements a Digital Onboarding Verification Service Should Have

4 Elements a Digital Onboarding Verification Service Should Have

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Digital onboarding and ID document verification is becoming a more common and necessary tool for businesses to reduce fraud, improve customer engagement and ensure peace of mind. Digital onboarding verifies that ID documents are authentic and allows customers to securely submit their identity information anytime, from anywhere, on their preferred device.

There are a few things to consider when looking for a digital onboarding service, such as what kind of checks they can run, how fast they can process documents, and how complete their reporting is.

Here are four elements an eIDV onboarding solution should have:

ID Check

Today, machine-readable zone (MRZ) and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies can instantly identify document types such as passports, driver’s licenses, and other country IDs. In this step, your solution should also extract client data and populate data into your relevant systems, like CRM platforms, with no manual entry. 

Biometrics Check

To make sure your prospective customer is who they say they are, biometric checks can use smart facial recognition and comparison algorithms to recognize a match between a selfie and an ID image. This check should distinguish changes like facial hair, makeup, hairstyle, and more.

Liveness Check

Along with a biometrics check, a liveness check should also be present. This check determines if the person behind the device they’re using to onboard is live instead of a static image. It distinguishes eye movement and other minute changes to ensure the user’s authenticity.

Compliance Reporting

Make sure that your digital onboarding partner keeps full audit trails and customer due diligence reports. These reports are critical for your business and should be organization-controlled and able to be evaluated any time you want. Along with compliance reporting, you should be able to review and approve customer submissions with ease.

If you’re interested in seeing how these checks work in real-time, check out our Melissa ID demo video. Melissa ID is an easy-to-use digital ID verification and onboarding tool that integrates easily into most systems and each step takes seconds to complete. Best of all, it’s a mobile app that can be used by anyone, anywhere, from any device.

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