The UK adds HALO data to its Electronic Identity Verification Service

The UK continues to evolve its digital identity verification services by adding HALO data to its identity checks, in essence, this will open the ability to check an individual against deceased records to prevent the rising issue of persons committing fraud by using deceased data. This will be a valuable asset to many potential customers that are concerned with fraud prevention and detection.


Halo is the most reliable & verified source of deaths in the UK, it is a unique system based on a database approaching 13 million deceased records, with all data verifiable. Currently, it is the largest and most reliable source of deceased names in the UK, with over 10,000 new names added each week.

Verification Levels (Short Descriptions)

1. Single Royal Mail Return.
2. Reserved ((Third Party low confidence).
3. Reserved (Third Party medium confidence).
4. Reserved (Third-party high confidence).
5. Deceased Preference Service Data without Death Certificate no.
6. Deceased Preference Service Data without Death Certificate no. + one other 1,2,3 or 4.
7. Deceased Preference Service Data with Death Certificate number.
8. Life Insurance/Other Verified Third-Party Data.
9. Funeral Director Data.
10. Official Governmental Records (Probate).

Verification Levels (Longer Descriptions)

Level 10 – Governmental Data – A highly verified source backed by Probate Registry Number.  Due to the nature of the verification, these records are added to the file on average 8 weeks after death

Level 9 – Funeral Director Data – Data supplied by agreement directly from both independent and Group Funeral Directors as funeral arrangements are made.  Highly verified source with Death Certificate backup.  Added to the file 1 – 2 weeks after death.

Level 8 – Insurance Data – Supplied by agreement from UK Insurance Companies as Life Policies are paid out.  Highly verified, backed by Death Certificate and added to file 4 – 6 weeks after death.

Level 7 – Deceased Preference Service with Death Certificate Number – Consumer Registration Service gives relatives/friends the facility to register details of the deceased.  Death certificate number requested and validated. Records are added to the file on a daily basis.

Level 6 – Multiple Confirmation – More than one notification received from more than one of the lesser verification levels below

Level 5 – Deceased Preference Service without Death Certificate Number – Details as Level 7 but Death Certificate not detailed on the form. Added on a daily basis.

Level 4 – Third-Party Data High Confidence – Data supplied by Third Parties who have been advised that a customer is deceased.  Not supported by Death Certificate number but high confidence. Added 1 – 4 weeks after death.

Level 3 – Third-Party Data Mid to High Confidence – As Level 4 but mid to high confidence

Level 2 – Third-Party Data Mid Confidence – As Level 4 but mid confidence

Level 1 – Single royal mail return

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