SSIS 11.1 Release – SmartMover Broker Update

Melissa’s SSIS 11.1 Q1 release now includes an option for NCOA and CCOA (Canadian Change of Address) Brokers to include a PAF ID or End User TOU ID for batch processing.

The ‘Processing Options’ tab in SmartMover will contain the PAF ID – Brokers-only option that will allow a PAF ID or EU TOU ID to be used for processing.

Simply check off the option and enter the ID you wish to use.

A valid PAF ID or EU TOU ID must be used to create and modify a SmartMover Broker project, along with a SSIS SmartMover license.

The records processed must contain all US or all Canada records only and either the Select Country or Country input field must be mapped in the SmartMover interface.

The minimum record requirement is 100 records for either US or Canada records per NCOA and CCOA processing requirements.

Modifying PAF ID via Command Line & SSIS PafID Variable

The PAF ID contained within the project can be modified using the command line and the SSIS variable PafID.

The PafID variable must be created within Visual Studio, see instructions below.

  1. Create the package as normal in Visual Studio
  2. Click on Package Explorer tab:


  1. If in VS2019, Click Extensions | SSIS | Variables. Otherwise it is SSIS | Variables:

  1. Click the Add tool to add variables. Enter name as show PafID. Make sure to add that variable and its value at this time and that the Scope is set to Package.
  2. Save the job as normal.


The example below uses the command line dtexec tool to process.

dtexec /file d:\SmartMover\bin\package.dtsx /set \Package.Variables[PafID].Properties[Value];FBBP71111052W54134

The PAF ID variable, once created in Visual Studio, can be modified from the dtexec command line as shown above.

For any technical assistance, please reach out to our tech support team.

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