SSIS 10.4 Q4 Release

Melissa’s latest update for our Data Quality Components for SSIS is now available. Take a look at some of the new updates and capabilities below.


TLS 1.2 Native Support

Melissa’s SSIS 10.4 Q4 web service components have been updated with TLS 1.2 compatibility.



The Melissa Address Key (MAK) is now available as an input field for processing.


Personator World

Personator World Email TimeToWait option has been modified to 5-45s.


Global Verify

Global Verify now offers new options that allow the user additional control over the output of US or CA addresses.



If set to “On”, we will override and return only the USPS® preferred city name. When set to “Off”, it will leave valid vanity city names as preferred by the USPS.



When set to “Auto”, this uses the input as a guide for how to standardize. When set to “Short” (Default), it will leave the US address in short, abbreviated form as preferred by the USPS.



This is for users that have experience or code using Address Object and would like to have those codes alongside the Global Address result codes.

When set to “ON” (for US and CA addresses only), this will return more detailed and different result codes that come from our Address Object product. When set to “OFF” (Default), no extra result codes will be returned.


New Input Field Available

Last Name (US only) – This field has been added to allow the use of a Melissa’s proprietary database for addresses missing a secondary like a suite or apartment. This feature is only available for the US.


Extras Option

This element is usually not populated but is reserved to be able to return less used fields if the user requests. Currently, we are using this to return some US-only fields. If you specify “USExtras:ON” in the options, we can return additional outputs. A destination component will be needed for the Extra records.


Global Verify Email Result Code Update

Global Verify Email offers two new Result Codes when processing Domains only:

DV01 – Valid domain

DE03 – Invalid domain


Global Verify Phone Result Code Update

The following Global Verify Phone Service Result Codes have been removed:

PS09 – VOIP Line

PS13 – Toll Free Number

PS14 – Special Number

PS15 – Misc Type

PS16 – Live Status Unknown

PS17 – Live Number

PS21 – Medium Confidence


For additional information on Global Verify’s new output fields, visit Melissa’s SSIS Global Verify Wiki here.

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