Property V4 Web Service – New Improvements

Property V4 has now been updated with the following fixes and improvements:

  1. New options field returns the meanings/descriptions of codes. The first new option allows you to toggle between having the web service return back codes or the descriptions/meanings for the codes. The codes are useful for programmers and developers looking for consistent values returned back, and the descriptions and meanings are useful for anyone needing human-readable results.
  2. When looking up a property using the freeform address input field, AE* (address error) result codes are now returned back in the results field if the address was invalid or incorrect. If the web service can’t find a match during lookup, the error code helps users understand where the error lies within the address.
  3. APN lookup improvements were made. This new update contains a fix for a small percentage of properties that couldn’t be found when a correct FIPs code and APN were provided.
  4. Property address is now returned on deeds lookups. In the LookupDeeds endpoint, the address of the property is returned back in the deeds.
  5. InterestTypeChangeDate field has been added to LookupDeeds endpoint. This new field indicates the date when a loan’s interest type changes from a fixed rate to adjustable rate.