Product Update – Mailers+4 Desktop Welcome Screen

Melissa’s Mailers+4 Desktop welcome screen received a new look and feel! There are no major changes in functionality with the upcoming release, but we have made the following improvements:

    • NEW Interactive Mailbox – Leave us feedback on how we can improve Mailers+4 Desktop
    • Useful links to enhance your Mailers+4 Desktop experience:
      • Learn more about Mailers+4 Desktop with our Resources & Support Wiki
      • Troubleshoot address errors with the Melissa Lookups
      • Purchase or enhance mailing lists to achieve maximum discounts on postage
    • Updated logos, icons, & backgrounds
    • Contact number visible at all times for easy reference
    • A link to G2 to provide a public review

Let us know what you think about this update by testing out the NEW Interactive Mailbox yourself!

Please contact Melissa Tech Support  for any questions.

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