Product Update – Global Express Entry Now Includes US County Data

By popular request, we have added county information to the output of US data in Melissa’s Global Express Entry. The US county name (available in the global endpoints) is present in the <SubadministrativeArea> field. The addition of this data maintains backwards compatibility so you only need to adjust the minimum lines of your code to take advantage.

In the past it was necessary to use another service like Personator or Global Address Verification to get the county data. Now it is conveniently included in Global Express Entry, saving you from having to integrate two web services into your application. 

We pride ourselves in data completeness. Express Entry US data covers USPS data (190 million addresses) plus 5 million non-USPS addresses, meaning that your users will find the verified and standardized address they are looking for – efficiently and accurately. And now county will be provided accurately in one response for all US addresses from the Global Express Entry Web Service.

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