Product Update – GeoCoder Census Update

Melissa has updated and expanded the census information available in GeoCoder Object. We are now using the 2019 TIGER data which includes the newest census tract, block, block group, place name and place code information.

It also has a new output field available called the CensusKeyDecennial. This field will return the last major 10-year census update, currently the 2010 Census, allowing you to have both the most recent census information as well as the last decennial census, if you have data that corresponds to it.

To call the new CensusKeyDecennial field in GeoCoder Object, simply pass it in as an output parameter: GetOutputParameter(“CensusKeyDecennial”)

Once the 2020 Census data becomes available, and is different from the current census, the CensusKeyDecennial field will be updated to return the 2020 Census information. For more information, visit the GeoCoder Object Wiki.

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