Personator Identity – KYB Integration & New Watchlist Fields

Personator Identity will have two feature releases with the latest update: 

  • We are integrating KYB (Know Your Business) for select countries.  KYB helps to identify and verify businesses for any current and future B2B relationships. 
  • We are adding two additional fields to the Watchlist Responses for date of when the watchlist was created and the type of Watchlist that was matched.

KYB Integration

Criminal intent has been prevalent throughout business history, which is why KYB and anti-money laundering (AML) are very relevant practices. Before entering into any Business-to-Business relationship, companies need to ensure they are working with a legitimate business partner. It is important that organizations avoid establishing links with fake or unlawful entities.

KYB allows users to verify the legitimacy of the entities that they are working with, making sure that relationships are built with legitimate business around the world.

Main Goals

  • Allows users to verify businesses for any current and future B2B relationships. 
  • Allows users to verify businesses with official government sources in multiple countries.
  • Verify Company, Address, Business ID
  • Enrich business information for select countries.


KYB finds matches for the company’s business ID and address information based upon the address provided by the user. These matches are:

  1. Address lines
  2. Premises Number
  3. Sub Premises
  4. Thoroughfare
  5. Locality
  6. Postal code
  7. Administrative Area
  8. Country
  9. Organization name
  10. Business ID

Data Sources

KYB can match to the following data sources internationally:

  1. Business Registry
  2. Court Records
  3. Tax Registry
  4. Regulatory Body
  5. Commercial Directory

22382 Avenida Empresa
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
● Business Name Matched
● Address Matched

New Watchlist Response Fields

We are adding two additional fields to the Watchlist Responses: Type of watchlist that was matched, and Date of when the watchlist was created.

For the Premium Watchlist option, there will also be a change to the names.  Each match will now include the name of the watchlist that was matched.

For the Basic Watchlist option, both fields will be returned as an empty string.  Our plan is to add a new Type field for all Basic watchlists.

New Fields:

Field Name              

TypeA string value containing the type or category of Watchlist that was matched against.
DateA string value containing the date (YYYY-MM-DD) of when the Watchlist source was created.  An empty string will be   returned if the source does not have this information.  

Example Watchlist Structure:

                    “Name”: “OFAC SDN List”,
                    “Code”: “PR”,
                    “Date”: “2001-06-27”,
                    “Type”: “sanction”

If you have any questions, please reach out to our technical team, and be sure to subscribe to our Product News & Updates blog to stay informed.

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