Melissa Will No Longer Release MatchUp Product Updates

Due to recent ongoing system updates, Melissa has concluded that MatchUp Desktop will cease to release any future software updates. We’ve documented recommendations and example procedures here to encourage users to maintain a static system and steps to take if updates are critical to your production environment.

Melissa has made this decision because, even though the MatchUp software itself has remained a stable application, any system update could require unintended development for the unforeseeable future or result in the inability to run MatchUp in its current compiler / platform / configuration.

Melissa has made the effort to place new MatchUp development resources into newer technologies. We encourage that current users follow the documented recommendations to ensure a stable system and contact your sales representative with any questions or concerns you may have. At this time, this notice serves only as a disclaimer not a statement of EOL nor EOS. Current licensees please contact your sales representative with any questions or concerns.

Visit the MatchUp Wiki for more information or contact Technical Support with any additional questions.

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