MAILERS Online – Free Postal Presorting

In-the-Cloud Address Check, NCOALink® Processing,  DeDuping & Postal Reports

Melissa’s end-to-end mailing solution in the Cloud, MAILERS Online, now offers advanced postal presorting, palletization and the ability to verify, clean, standardize and move update addresses.

The first 5,000 records will be processed at no cost.  This is a limited time offer.

  • Address Quality: Address Check + National Change-of-Address Processing
  • Presort + Palletize Mailings
  • Remove Duplicate Records
  • No software needed
  • Upload your file from anywhere

 Coming Soon

DBF Support – Ability to process dBASE and Visual FoxPro files within MAILERS Online.

Mail Entry Points – Determine what mail entry points, Network Distribution Center (NDC) and/or Sectional Center Facility (SCF), you qualify for. Plus, you’ll receive the necessary paperwork to submit your mailings at those facilities. The Postal Service offers lower prices for mail that is transported by the mailer to NDC or SCF.