Listware for Excel – Mandatory Update Available

Melissa recently released a new version (5044) of Listware for Excel, the most significant update in some time. This is a required update—all users of previous Listware for Excel versions will be prompted to update before processing any new jobs.

Updates include:

  • New toggle button in the Listware banner that divides US/Canada components from the Global Address component
  • Added demographics columns such as Education, Household Size, Political Party, Presence of Senior, Credit Card User, Ethnic Code and Ethnic Group, to US Check and Verify
  • Limited the use of non-contiguous ranges and filters to prevent crashes
  • Moved the Language dropdown into a ‘Region’ area on the Settings panel
  • Included warnings and blocks for users who are using Excel data filters
  • Further distinguished between credit and web service accounts

For more information, please visit our Wiki Page.