IDV Service – Upcoming New Watchlist Provider & Adverse Media Check

Melissa’s Identity Verification service has plans to integrate a new watchlist provider that will meet all your AML and KYC needs. This new provider will offer better coverage and have the ability to search through sanctions, OFAC, Terrorist Lists, Politically Exposed Persons, and much more. One area of particular interest is the inclusion of an Adverse Media check.

The Adverse Media check is one of the more powerful features that will be added to the Personator Identity Web Service. This new feature identifies individuals or businesses that may have unfavorable or negative exposure in a variety of news sources. Our Adverse Media check will include title, links, and date of any matches found across international web articles to help you better make business decisions and avoid the risk of doing business with an individual or business who has a history of negative news or involvement in crime.

Furthermore, each client can now be serviced for specific criteria or lists if requested.

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If you have any questions, as always, feel free to reach our technical support team.

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