Global Express Entry – Samples available in Visual Studio 2017

For those using Visual Studio 2017 C# (7.2), we now have sample code available for you that demonstrates Global Express Entry’s 11 endpoints, such as Free Form, Fielded Input, and more.  Give your users the ability to look up an address with a flexible Free Form input that searches all address fields, or narrow down the desired address by postal code or other fields.  Global Express Entry enables efficient address entry for your call center, CRM, checkout page or anywhere addresses are entered frequently.

Global Express Entry can improve the single view of the customer at the point of entry by supplying only verified and standardized addresses in real time.  It leverages the power of Melissa’s high quality reference data to prevent bad addresses from ever getting into your database.  If you are interested in setting up a trial account to experience global address auto-completion, contact a Melissa sales representative today!

For more information, visit our Wiki page.