Global Address Web Service: Feature Update

We have recently pushed out a new code update for Global Address Web Service that adds several web service features. These features include new options as well as new available outputs.

New Options:


On – Default. In cases where Global Address identifies a piece of the input as extra information, we label this as Remnant and append it to the beginning of the address lines. The reason for this is because it is common to add additional delivery information like Care Of or Attention data, that may be useful and we do not want to eliminate. The downside is that while this information may not always be useful, it is not something we can always determine so we lean on the side of caution.

Off – By setting this option to false, we will no longer append the Remnant information anywhere in the address lines. This may be useful for users who identify that Remnant information in their data is mostly not useful.


On – Additional information related to time zone names and UTC information for both standard and daylight savings will be made available in the Extras section. Please see the Extras section for additional details.

Off – Default. No additional output information is provided.

OriginDateTime (BETA)

String – A string DateTime value with UTC data to use in the calculation of the local date time. This feature will allow you to convert the origin time into the local time at the output address. This calculation takes into account the difference in UTC from the origin to the output address and considers the dates that daylight savings is observed at the destination.

Example: OriginDateTime:2022-01-13 18:33:16 (UTC-8:00). Note, we need the UTC value to know exactly where the origin time is from. If you do not specify a UTC value, we will assume a UTC value of 0.


On – Adds the additional output value of UPRN. Please see the Extras section for additional details.

Off – Default. No additional output information is provided.

New Outputs available in the Extras Section:

DaylightSavingsUTC – The UTC value for the output address when they are observing Daylight savings

StandardTimezone – The Standard Time Zone Name for the output address

DaylightSavingsTimezone – The Daylight Savings Time Zone Name for the output address

LocalDateTime (BETA) – The local date time value calculated from the OriginDateTime input, taking into account whether the output address area observes daylight savings and the time period when it observes daylight savings. Note that OriginDateTime is specified as an option rather than a regular input value.

UPRN– Returns the Unique Property Reference Number created and maintained by Ordnance Survey.

You can reference the Global Address Web Service build history here; if you have any questions, please reach out to our technical team, and be sure to subscribe to our Product News & Updates blog to stay informed.

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