Global Address Release: October 2021

Melissa has released a new Global Address update for October. We’ve continued our on-going effort to improve the parsing results which includes improving Great Britain parsing and fixing an issue where AE01- General Error would incorrectly put parsed values in Building.

Some Country-Specific Updates Include:

  • Canada: Improved the handling of duplicate address information.
  • Great Britain: Improved parsing of partially coded records.
  • Italy: Refined our matching logic to reduce matching thoroughfares that are very similar but in reality, different thoroughfares – a prevalent concern for Italy which has many similar thoroughfare names.
  • United States: Major improvement in the handling of duplicate address data. Our engine will now look at additional lines of input and if it detects that they contain duplicate address information, that whole line will be removed. However, if there are other significant pieces of data in the additional lines, we will err on the side of caution and leave the input there as additional information. See here for an example.

Reference data for all countries have been updated.

Address pattern recognition has been updated for: Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Singapore, & United States.

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