Express Entry – Upcoming V4 Release

Melissa’s Global Express Entry will be updated to Version 4.0 starting July 5, 2021, bringing some improvements to the service that will enhance the experience for users that are autocompleting addresses in your HTML web form or application.

The first of these improvements is better search results. In 4.0, a new search algorithm will help you find the address you or your users are autocompleting more efficiently. Where the older version had trouble finding very common addresses like ‘Hohestrasse’ in Germany, 4.0’s search will find it with ease. So-called ‘unreachable’ addresses will be minimized by this new approach, and the sorting by relevance to the search query will be improved as well.

Secondly, on the back-end side of the product, major changes in the structure of the Web Service with containerization will let us be more flexible with the configuration of the service.  When greater throughput is needed, we will be able to spin up more instances of the query engine dynamically to meet the need. This more granular approach will also separate individual country data so that it will not be necessary to drain an entire server’s traffic to update a single (or multiple) country’s data. Making updates fast and flexible will prevent interruptions in service in the long run.

We are also improving individual country data continually. With our own multi-sourced data, we will be creating Master Address Tables that are shared by other products in the Melissa portfolio. The benefits to these tables will be uniformity, interoperability, and ease-of-use among Melissa products. For example, if you can verify an address with Global Address Object/Global Address Verification Web Service, then you will be able to find it in Global Express Entry. And since all addresses in Global Express Entry are verified and standardized, only deliverable addresses will be returned.

For the future, these improvements will help us serve you better as we endeavor to improve data quality at the point of entry. If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please reach out to our Technical Support Team.

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