Express Entry Advisory New Suite Input Functionality


Beginning the week of July 18th, Melissa’s Express Entry API will be updated with a feature that allows suite input to be entered directly in the ‘ExpressFreeForm’, ‘ExpressAddress’, ‘GlobalExpressFreeForm’, and ‘GlobalExpressAddress’ endpoints. This feature will make it simpler and more elegant to enter apartments and suites in the ‘free form’ or ‘address line 1’ field on your website.

The update may require a small update to your website’s code in order to prevent the popup from entering the apartment/suite twice in the address form on your website.

In order to take full advantage of suite auto completion, we recommend disabling Suite Compression. By Default Express Entry has Suite Compression enabled. Details are explained in the section below, titled ‘Suite Compression Option Explained’

Who will be affected?

Express Entry users who use the U.S. endpoints with the ‘popup’ JS code to choose suites in their websites will be affected. Namely, if your website was based on ‘ExpressFreeFormPopup.html’ of our sample code, you will need to make a small edit to your website code.

Specifically, entering ‘1320 Porter Apt 72’ will return only the address with the apartment in the response, thus it will no longer be necessary to use a popup field for your customer to select their apartment number in this case.

Suite Compression Option Explained
If you are using the global endpoints for U.S. data entry, the option &suitecompression=false will now give each resulting address in the output its own suite/apartment. Setting &suitecompression to true will return all suites/apartments in a building in one record. This option gives you the choice between expanding suites or returning them in a single field. The default is to have suitecompression set to true, where they are ‘folded’ into SubBuilding.

Please see this link for more information about the update and new implementation details.

Thank you for your attention to this update! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tech Support at or call 1 (800) 800-6245 x4. 

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