Email Object – New Feature: Local Mailbox Validation Cache

Products Affected
Products affected include users of SSIS Contact Verify which leverages email object through on-premise processing mode and Data Quality Suite with Email Object. For those who still wish to do real-time live validation, WSlookup option remains available however this will incur a premium charge.

New Email Cache Feature
Melissa’s Email Object has been updated with new functionality now you are able to leverage our cached mailbox level validation data locally as of September 2019 (Build Number 17018). These cached results are from previous mailbox level validations. Previously, the Email Object would have to make a web service call to access cached email data. The new Email Object has access to a significantly larger set of cached emails. This update has already been integrated with the installer, and does not require any implementation. Every month new cached mailbox validations are added so the freshest email data is always available.

Technical Specifications
You can expect about a cache hit ratio of 48.09%, or the percentage of emails that you try to validate to be found in the mailbox validation cache. We have over 700 million emails in our cache and an average of over 19 million emails added every month.

Email Object Email Cache

The cache is located in mdEmail.db3 located in your Melissa data file path. We expect this file to grow in size monthly due to our increasing knowledge base of email validations.

Currently, the size of the cache is approximately 822 mbs as of our Jan 2020 release. You can expect the file to grow approximately 139 mbs in size per month. However, updating this file is optional and you may choose to retain stale data if you do not wish for this file size to increase. We recommend that you update monthly in order to obtain the freshest data as emails are dynamic and statuses will change over time as emails are activated or deactivated.

Key Email Cache Statistics (as of 1/7/20)

Current number of emails 723,834,900
Expected cache hit ratio 48.09%
Average number of emails added per month 19,048,286
Current file size of cache 822 mbs
Average monthly file size increase 139 mbs

Emails Last Checked

Speed Benchmarks
Since the cache is accessed via locally, placing the data files on an SSD drive will increase your processing speed by 1.42%. Compare 3,871 r/s solid state drive to 3,816 r/s disk hard drive. Processing speeds are slowed about 59.42% speed compared to without mailbox cache email object. However, we believe the result will be of much higher quality with more accurate results.

Email object (10K Sample Size – 1 Instance)

Metric Email Object w/Caching Email Object no Caching
Speed (SSD) 3,871 Record/s 6,596 Record/s
Speed (Disk Drive)s 3,816 Record/s 5,519 Record/s
Accuracy Better Accuracy Lower Accuracy