BusinessCoder – Data Improvements + Product Updates

To improve the customer’s experience, we’ve made significant changes to BusinessCoder, Melissa’s tool that enriches your database by adding business firmographics to your records. Our latest updates are focused on making our data and API more accessible and reliable by changing the various rules on how we determine what is considered a ‘good’ business.

Our business data consists of several high-grade sources that our developers merged to create a master business list. Our new updates improved the matching algorithms to reduce the amount of duplicate businesses. With these improvements, it is easier to properly match a business with a variety of inputs allowed by the web service.

An additional improvement to our data is business legitimacy or whether a business still exists or not. By changing how we choose to merge and confirm from the multiple databases being sourced to our proprietary data, we introduced better ways to help determine a valid business. By increasing the number of valid businesses, it helps decrease the number of false positives, leaving your business data clean and reliable.

Along with data improvements, we have additional features and fixes that have been recently patched:

  • Reliable Website Only Input – BusinessCoder can now properly detect variations of URLs, rather than having a more fixated parser. Plus, better matching algorithms.
  • Move Result Code – For businesses with updated addresses we have normally added the latest address found in our data. Now, we also append the result code AS12 to the list when BusinessCoder appends a new address.
  • Less Duplicates – The same businesses with different names at a single address is more likely to be merged, resulting in a more consolidated set of data.
  • Centricity – If you’re only interested in one set of data, like phone or address, add centricity. It ensures that BusinessCoder doesn’t search the other fields.

Many more updates are scheduled throughout the remainder of the year – stay tuned.