It’s amazing what you can do with a ZIP Code Map Lookup. The lookup tool allows you to type in your ZIP Code and receive a plethora of useful information that would be vital to any mail campaign. 
For example, if you type in the ZIP Code 92627 (which is Costa Mesa, CA) – the lookup provides information on the city’s demographics, the area’s campaign contributors, carrier routes, climate, labor statistics, nearest mailing house, population, public schools and streets in the ZIP area. The ZIP Code Map Lookup was created by Melissa Data. 
The lookup offers detailed information on how many U.S. Postal Service residential and business deliveries were made to that specific ZIP Code – a nifty tool when deciding if the area researched fits your intended target audience. 
The lookup also provides information on the number of home sales in the researched region and the average home sales price of the area within the last 30 days. A detailed map of the city and its perimeters also are featured once you type in the ZIP Code you’re researching. 
Melissa Data also offers a Carrier Routes by ZIP Code Lookup tool. It basically displays the boundary of a 5-digit ZIP Code with the center point of the carrier routes. After typing in a valid ZIP Code, the map also pinpoints what type of route each location is – identifying each as a rural route, business route, a PO Box type of route or a highway contract type of route. The lookup is designed to help local mailers accurately target their desired audience. 
Try the ZIP Code Map Lookup by clicking here:

Or dabble with the Carrier Routes by ZIP Code Lookup by clicking the link below: