Why Golden Records are Key to Solid Data Quality

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Your company most likely receives information from various
applications. This has made it so that maintaining clean and consolidated data
is tricky; however it is more important than ever.

There are many costs associated when working with incomplete
or incorrect information.  The solution
to these headaches is data quality. Data quality is the process of identifying
and correcting information.  It refers to
reliability, completeness and accuracy of the information that is flowing
through your systems. It mainly applies to addresses, emails and phone numbers.
Having data quality gives you the ability work more effectively with your

To take it a step further, data quality also encompasses
something known as a Golden Record. A Golden Record is the art and science of
selecting the “true” data and using it to correct incomplete or incorrect
information. For example, you may have one record of a customer’s recent
purchase with an email and then a past record with that customer’s information
and a different email. Obtaining a Golden Record of that customer would mean
having the most up-to-date and correct data on them, all in one single view.

Golden Records work based on a set of rules that you apply.
You can use things such as filtering, using most recent data, etc. This gives
you complete control over creating your Golden Records and establishing,
validating, and applying rules all based on your own information.

Melissa Data offers a comprehensive set of capabilities for
cleansing and deduplicating contact data. Here are just a few of them:

Global Verify: Standardize and parse addresses for 240+

SmartMover: Update the addresses of individuals, families
and businesses that have moved

Matchup: Consolidate duplicate records and automate Golden
Record selection

Fuzzy Match: Identify data quality issues for immediate

These are just a few of the solutions Melissa Data has to
offer to help you achieve Data Quality and obtain a Golden Record of customers.
Learn more about Melissa Data’s solutions.

By Natalia Crawford