What Happens When Bad Data Strikes a Good Company?

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“The question of whether your data is right or wrong is actually simple to answer. It is wrong. Every organization has bad data. The question is, do you know the steps to fix it? Do you know where the skeletons are hidden? How much work is involved in discovering them? How much effort is reasonable to eliminate them?”


This is an excerpt is from “The Data Quality eBook: When Bad Data Happens to Good Companies,” authored by Baseline Consulting, an IT and business consulting firm specializing in data warehousing, data integration, business analytics and data governance.


What’s unique about this eBook is that it reads like an actual book, with characters or “players” and a very engaging plotline – a fictional one, but inspired by true events.


The story follows Mary Ellen Wynn, president/CEO of Central Health Alliance, a reputable, mid-size health network, and Dr. Peter Swan, the organization’s chief medical officer, as they investigate why their hospital has experienced several critical errors. One of which almost caused the death of an infant.


Mystery, intrigue and drama commence.


The Plot Thickens


In the eBook, Wynn and Swan start to piece together certain events by analyzing reports from a number of information systems – only to discover that the errors they experienced had something to do with the inconsistencies in their data.


The story then details how they implemented data quality processes into their organization to give them a more accurate account of their patient information.


We like how creatively the authors (Baseline experts, Carol Newcomb and Caryn Maresic) detailed their talking points – laying out a suspenseful storyline about a modern healthcare organization and encapsulating how important data quality is to EVERY organization.


Without giving away the ending, let’s just say this eBook is a must read.


To read the eBook, click here.