[WEBINAR] When Good Data Goes Bad: How to Quickly Identify and Easily Fix Bad Data

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The impact of bad data isn’t hard to miss. The signs: marketing efforts with poor response rates, undeliverable mail, email bounce-backs, low customer retention, decreased revenue – the list goes on. According to TDWI, bad data costs U.S. businesses an estimated $611 billion annually. The main cause of bad data? Contact data is always in flux. Roughly 40 million (1 in 6) Americans move annually. As a result, the quality of stored U.S. addresses declines 17 percent per year, as people move, get married, retire or pass away.

There’s also more than 100,000 changes to the postal delivery database each month. So the chances of introducing bad data into your CRM database rises exponentially, as the need to integrate data from different sources becomes necessary.

Melissa Data and Scribe Software, a global data integration solutions provider, recently teamed up to offer businesses with real-time access to high quality customer contact data for better segmentation, targeting, fraud detection and identity verification.

In this webinar, learn how to empower data quality and improve marketing ROI under this unique partnership. Our data quality analyst Joseph Vertido will highlight how to get the most complete, correct, and current contact data using Personator, Melissa Data’s flagship full contact data quality solution.

During this webinar, learn how to:

  • Find the half-life of customer data
  • Identify accuracy, normalization, and timeliness problems
  • Correct and update address, telephone, and email information
  • Complete records by filling in missing contact information
  • Understand the 6 Cs – the benefits of basic data quality

Webinar airs June 12th at 2 pm EST.