Data Quality Solutions to Tackle Student Retention

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 There are many forces that impact student retention at the university
level, from academics to financial aid, but one often overlooked aspect is data
quality and its impact on student engagement. While much of the application and
enrollment process has now been digitized, there is still a great deal of
physical communication with prospective students, current students, and alumni.

Maintain clear communication with better data cleansing and
enjoy the benefits of higher student retention and alumni tracking.  Address the elephant in the room–your
database. A major issue at a university is the multiple ways data is entered
into a system. Admissions, enrollment, the registrar, the alumni office, student
workers, and of course, students themselves all create records. With so many
cooks in the kitchen, it’s easy for errors to creep in. But, we can help.

Take this example: a student may get married and move, which
changes their name and address. Now there are two records, one in their maiden
name and one in their married name. Mail is sent to two locations wasting
postage and materials. This is the best case scenario. Sometimes records fall
out of date but are never updated. A student that is easily distracted fails to
follow through, and they never register for their next semester. That’s not
only a waste in mailing cost, it’s a loss in tuition.

We have solutions to help you engage your students, such as Global
Contact Data Verification
which cleans
your database of inaccurate, incomplete, or undeliverable U.S. and global
addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses in real-time or batch. We also
offer a host of other solutions such as deduplication, change of address, and more.
Learn about them on
our website and see how we’ve helped others in education. When your data is
clean, communication flows naturally. When communication is clear, students
feel valued and are more engaged.

Melissa Data and the University of Washington just
overhauled a database of 900,000 records going back over a decade. Watch our
video and see how we made their data shine!