The Smart Way to Validate, Correct and Enrich Contact Data

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Our sleek new WebSmart Services brochure is now available for download.


WebSmart is a collection of services for contact data verification, requiring no software or maintenance. WebSmart is easy to integrate into any application or Web service.


Popular services include:


  • WebSmart Address Verifier – Standardize, correct and verify U.S or Canada postal addresses.
  • WebSmart Phone Verifier – Verify, update and correct U.S. and Canadian phone numbers.
  • WebSmart Email Verifier – Validate and correct email addresses.
  • WebSmart Name Parser – Parse and genderize names to enable personalized communications.
  • WebSmart Geocoder – Append lat/long coordinates to the ZIP + 4® level of postal addresses.
  • SmartMover Change of Address – Process lists for NCOALink® 48-month change of address data.
  • WebSmart IP Locator – Geocode IP addresses that visit your website.
  • WebSmart Property – New! Get property and mortgage data on over 140 U.S. properties.


WebSmart is available as hosted services or you can choose to host them yourself by utilizing our Contact Verification Server (CVS) – a turnkey data quality appliance.


CVS is available in three different flavors:


  1. Data Quality Appliance – A hardware rackmounted appliance built by Dell® delivers enterprise-level speed to verify more than 7 million records per hour.
  2. VMWare Server Instance – VMWare image of the Contact Verification Server to host on your ESX Server.
  3. Cloud Based Server – CVS hosted on the cloud – no hardware or software requirements.


Click here to download the brochure.