By Allison Moon
Data Quality Analyst

Allison Moon - Data Quality Analyst

In today’s e-commerce environment, Web forms or online shopping carts serve to capture valuable contact data, but many times this data can contain inconsistencies, missing or incorrect information.

Fortunately, Melissa Data offers a solution. With a partially entered address line and ZIP Code™, our new auto-complete feature in Address Object can retrieve all possible address entries from which a user can select from. It’s simple to use, and can be easily integrated into your existing solution with just a few steps. Address Object is Melissa Data’s address verification solution (available as multiplatform API or Web service.)

Ensuring accuracy before bad data enters your CRM systems will prevent your company from dealing with lost revenue, time, inefficiencies and waste.
Uses and Benefits to Implementing Auto-Completion
So how can you take advantage of this new feature? For those who need to save as much time and keystrokes as possible, the auto-complete feature is a pretty awesome tool. Having the ability to retrieve a list of suggestions based upon the street number, and even just the first couple letters of the street name, saves time typing out an entire address.

The auto-complete functionality can also help find the correct suites and valid ranges for a building. In a call center setting, auto-complete can allow you to see whether the customer on the phone has forgotten to mention their apartment information, before the call has ended.

Or perhaps you’re on the phone with a customer and quickly scribble down their mailing address. But now, when you look back at your notes, it’s hard to read except for the first few numbers and characters (and who hasn’t done this before?). With auto-complete, you can plug in the information (that you can decipher from your notes) and determine which address you meant to write down by looking at the suggestions returned.

Auto-completion is flexible enough to accommodate varying needs and design requirements, reduce the time spent finding addresses, and prevent issues by returning valid addresses given an incomplete one.

— Allison Moon is Melissa Data’s data quality analyst and software engineer.

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