The New Data Quality Advisor

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Are you a subscriber to Melissa Data’s Data Quality Advisor? If so, you probably noticed the facelift it received in your inbox this morning:

Designed to maximize readers’ viewing pleasure, the new Data Quality Advisor provides outlets to all of Melissa Data’s most important resources: White Papers, Case Studies, Webcasts, Free Demos, Upcoming Events, Special Product Offers, and more.

Data Quality Advisor subscribers will still receive the same caliber of articles on cutting edge data hygiene and enhancement; tips and solutions on how to keep databases clean; the latest database trends in the industry; programming ideas and tips; and how to take charge of enterprise data management.

In addition, subscribers will be among the first to hear about discounted/free passes for trade shows, free trials on our data quality products and solutions, and any new contests/challenges.

If you aren’t a subscriber, but would like to become one, sign up for the Data Quality Advisor here.