Taking Action to Avoid Undeliverable Mail

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Are the costs of printing and mailing causing a dent in your
profit? One of the causes of these costs could be something we all know as
return mail. Return mail affects different areas including increased postage,
paper usage, duplicated work, poor cash flow, loss of customers, and more.
There is a way to have control over this culprit: implement a rigorous address
quality program.

Data inevitably decays over time. As a matter of fact, as
much as 25% of databases deteriorate after one year (MarketingSherpa). Why?
Individuals get married, divorced, move, retire, die, etc. USPS estimates that
40 million people move each year. These changes are causing returned mail and
costing up to $1.5 billion alone according to UAA mail.

It’s time to take action and address return mail. Here are
just a few ways you can take action today:

1. Profile and Analyze the Quality of Your Database

2. Clean Dirty Data

3. Attack and Eliminate Duplicate Records

4.  Enhance and Update Dirty Data

Don’t let return mail be the culprit in reaching your
customers. Take care of it today and watch your costs decrease while your
profit increases!

If you are ready to take action,
implement Melissa Data’s  Zip*USA, an
easy way to validate addresses, zip codes, and more!

By Natalia Crawford