Data Quality Insider Newsletter Sept. 2010 Issue

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The Sept. issue of the DQ Insider features an article on Melissa Data’s new turnkey appliance “Contact Verification Server” (CVS) In The Spotlight section. This data quality appliance incorporates Melissa Data’s cleansing with pre-configured, optimized hardware to deliver scalable contact data quality for any size organization.


Learn more about CVS, a new element in WebSmart StreetSearch named FullAddressLine (available in the Tips & Tricks section), and the improved capabilities of RightFielder Object in the News Bytes segment of your free issue here: More

Data Quality Tips from Our Experts

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Taking Advantage of Melissa Data’s New FullAddressLine with WebSmart StreetSearch

By Admound Chou, DQT Assistant Manager


Melissa Data recently introduced a new element in WebSmart StreetSearch named FullAddressLine, to make StreetSearch even easier to use in generating suggestions for unverifiable addresses.


The FullAddressLine element will take all the individual components and piece them into a complete address line, like one you would write on a letter.Read More