Cleansing Your Data Using SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services (DQS) and Melissa Data

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Check out this video featuring a step-by-step/start-to-finish approach to cleanse and enrich address data using the new SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services (DQS), and Melissa Data’s Datamarket Address Check service. From the video, you will learn how to create a comprehensive Data Quality project that leverages Melissa Data’s deep experience in address verification to cleanse, verify and standardize postal address information in SQL tables and Excel spreadsheets.… Read More

Synergizing the Process for Locations and Addresses

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By David Loshin

I am currently working with a number of clients who are dealing with particularly thorny issues relating to location. While the business drivers are relatively diverse, there are some similarities across all scenarios, especially in the ways that location is managed from an enterprise perspective. Therefore, in this set of blog entries, we’ll look at different

business value drivers, typical usage scenarios, and some ideas for melding process with application for a synergistic lift.… Read More